Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Windows 7 Theme – Orange-tract

Hey everyone, I have another free gift for you all!

I created another Windows 7 theme pack for everyone! This one is only based on two simple terms:

  • The color orange
  • Any cool abstract look

So if you like the color orange and like abstracts give this theme a try and add on to your collection on your Windows 7. image

This theme pack includes:

  • 12 HD Widescreen Abstracts
  • Shuffle mode on
  • Custom Sounds
  • Custom Window Color & Transparency Set

See the attached picture, or just download it now for free and see for yourself!


Friday, July 30, 2010

Windows 7 Avatar Theme

After a long needed update to our blog I’ve decided to share a little something with everyone that stops by here. If you have ever seen the movie Avatar and run a Windows 7 computer then this is for you! I use it on my computer and love the cool effects and graphics that are included in this theme pack.

On the Windows website for themes, you get a few basic pictures and none of them look really that great. Use my Avatar Ultimate Theme Pack for Windows 7 and you will have Avatar on your mind all day, everyday! A new scene every 30 min, and great graphics makes a clean, professional, and fun atmosphere on your desktop!  image

The theme pack includes:

  • 16 HD Widescreen Movie Stills
  • Changed Sounds
  • Frosted Windows
  • Slideshow of amazing Avatar pictures

So, check it out, it’s free and worth a download!


Friday, June 25, 2010

TweetDeck Beta – Great Social App Five Stars!

This morning as I logged onto Twitter for #FollowFriday I noticed one of my followers used this application off of their computer called TweetDeck. So I got a little curious and clicked the link to see what exactly TweetDeck was.


I soon found out that it was an application for PC, MAC, or LINUX. So I was skeptical, I have tried a few applications similar to this in the past, usually they are slow, and don’t have many good features that a teen would have any use for.

But curiosity killed the cat as they say, so I launched TweetDeck. and what did I find? I found myself running a really amazing app that runs off of Adobe Air. So because it is souced out of Adobe Air, not only is it very fast, but it runs a snappy and clean interface as well.

After instlling it and only looking at the new, wonderful app for only a few seconds I started to snoop around and see what features this app had to see if it was worth keeping at all. When I snooped around I was quite amazed, actually blown away with features! This app litterally has it all for a social app, I will almost never need to go and log on to 4+ social sites every time I want to update/check statuses! Even as I type this I have Facebook status updates coming in to me so I know what my friends are doing with out having to stay on the Facebook page.

features_home_pc So after noticing a few awesome features, I found others! I added all of my social accounts to this one app! That is incredible! I can view anything, update anything, share anything, and even like anything right from my computer while I type this!

Anyway lets get down to business, here at TweetDeck’s huge list of features:

So I just thought, wow that is just amazing, talk about time saved when it comes to something that you usually do just to waste time! After reveiwing features and the app itself, I know I will forever be a loyal user for TweetDeck. I give TweetDeck Beta 5 out of 5 Stars (*****)!!!

If you use Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Google Buzz, Linkedln, or Foursquare, this simple, fast, light, & amazing application is for you!

Try TweetDeck Beta right now! It is even free, nothing could get better!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Spore – Amazing Game of life

Ever hear of a game called Spore? Well if not, you should read on!

I have had this game for a while now and still to this day have not seen a game like this on the market. You literally create “life” on your own planet. You start off as a cell and work your way up the food chain. Watch out, because you can be eaten or killed at any moment by a larger predator. spore-creature

The way the game works is you design your “cell” which is what you play as when you start a new game. You eventually work your way out of the ocean and onto land to start living as an animal. After you have advanced enough you make intelligent beings and you will start to get to where we as humans are now. After you got this far, you can advance even more after you win wars and then you can space travel!

It is an incredible game that takes you from one life form to the next. It really makes you think about life and how to play the game. The graphics are also incredible and everything is customizable.

The creature creator (free download below) is very advanced and you can literally make what ever your heart desires for a creature! With this game engine you can make anything from people, to super smart crazy looking animals, to buildings, and space ships!

I give this game FIVE STARS! So give it a try, try Spore for free here! Download-Button

Post up anything cool you make with this amazing game and be sure to add me (potheadman) on the EA Online Dashboard (in game)!!!

Our Hamlet Music Video – Crawling (Hamlet Edit) By Linkin Park

hamlet A while back we made a music video for an English class. We had to do a music video based on Hamlet the great American Novel.

We used the song Crawling by Linkin Park to do the video with, and it came out great!

Watch our music video now! Crawling (Hamlet Edit) – Linkin Park – By Adam & Ashley

Crawling (Hamlet Edit) By Adam n Ashley