Friday, July 30, 2010

Windows 7 Avatar Theme

After a long needed update to our blog I’ve decided to share a little something with everyone that stops by here. If you have ever seen the movie Avatar and run a Windows 7 computer then this is for you! I use it on my computer and love the cool effects and graphics that are included in this theme pack.

On the Windows website for themes, you get a few basic pictures and none of them look really that great. Use my Avatar Ultimate Theme Pack for Windows 7 and you will have Avatar on your mind all day, everyday! A new scene every 30 min, and great graphics makes a clean, professional, and fun atmosphere on your desktop!  image

The theme pack includes:

  • 16 HD Widescreen Movie Stills
  • Changed Sounds
  • Frosted Windows
  • Slideshow of amazing Avatar pictures

So, check it out, it’s free and worth a download!



  1. kid i wish my computer was fast enough to run it. i rlly need a new one haha

  2. btw excellent job, u should make more media themed themes like this they're ill